Protecting Your Business Citadel: The MGM Cyberattack Unveils The Crucial Need for The Right Partners and the Right Training

Chris Lee

In the era of unrelenting digital advancements, the security of your business’s fortress is only as strong as the partners who help guard it. The recent cyber attack on MGM resorts serves as a stark reminder of this truth, unraveling the ever-increasing significance of selecting the right allies in the battle against cyber threats.

The Web of Deception: The Handiwork of Scattered Spider

Early September witnessed guests of MGM resorts grappling with an unexpected and alarming disruption – a disruption that soon revealed itself as a masterful cyberattack orchestrated by Scattered Spider, a group of young, adept hackers. Armed with simple yet powerful tools of deception, they spotlight the vulnerabilities that lie in the human elements of even the most fortified security systems.

Safeguarding the Gates: The Paramountcy of Partnership

The MGM attack underscores that in a digital landscape fraught with sophisticated threats, having the right partners is not just beneficial, but paramount. These alliances are the bulwarks that help fortify your defenses, ensuring that the human tendencies to trust and obey are not the Achilles’ heel that brings down the fortress.

The Multifaceted Threats: Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing

The incident at MGM was a confluence of varied deceptive techniques – phishing, smishing, and the particularly insidious vishing. The latter, leveraging voice calls to deceive, has seen a notable rise in success, evidenced by the high-profile Twitter breach in 2020. Such incidents elucidate the need for partnerships that are well-versed and vigilant against a spectrum of threats.

Fortifying Human Defenses: The Role of The Right Allies

In the wake of such attacks, the revelation by IBM that 95% of data breaches are the result of employee mistakes is particularly jarring. This statistic magnifies the role of the right partners in bolstering human defenses, mitigating the risk of internal vulnerabilities. The necessity for partners who can educate, guide, and fortify your human resources has never been more pressing.

A United Front: The Collective Stride Towards Security

A collective effort has emerged in response to the escalating threats, with giants like Amazon, Cisco, and Microsoft, aligning with global law enforcement agencies. The aim is clear – devise robust response plans and fortify the digital realm. However, the imbalance in the allocation of funds towards essential training raises concerns about the adequacy of current strategies and the imperative to choose partners who prioritize comprehensive preparedness.

Navigating the AI Landscape: The Emerging Frontier

With the advent of AI and its capacity to create increasingly convincing deceptions, the landscape of cybersecurity is shifting. The MGM incident serves as a harbinger of the challenges that lie ahead, emphasizing the need for partners who can navigate this new frontier, ensuring your defenses evolve in tandem with the threats.

Conclusion: Channeling Vigilance Through Partnership

At Channelbytes, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bringing you the latest insights in IT and technology. The MGM cyber attack is a painful reminder, underscoring the indispensable need for the right partners to safeguard your business and your employees. In this digital age, the alliance you forge can be the difference between a fortress that stands resilient and one that succumbs to the cunning of cyber adversaries. To learn more about the top MSSP’s to talk to reach out to get out top 10 MSSP’s you should be talking to in 2023.

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