The Ugly Truth about Facebook’s Darkest Corner

In the wake of a violent attack on two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand this month, officials made a request that you’d never have heard 20 years ago: Please stop sharing video of the attack on social media. A recent expose by The Verge highlights the darkest corner of Facebook – the lives of moderators who must weed through things that shouldn’t see the light of day. Highlighting issues of depression, anxiety, PTSD amongst moderators – with some symptoms starting while mods are still in training – juxtaposes shockingly with low pay levels that belie the common perception of all Facebook jobs being like something right out “The Social Network.”

What you never knew about those pesky “mods”

Enterprise Connect Unveils UC Game-Changers

This week’s Enterprise Connect event in Orlando went beyond traditional UC solutions like jacked-up desk phones to focus on actually making communication more productive and, in a word, smarter. With a heavy AI-focused bent across new technologies and partnerships, standouts included cloud provider 8X8’s new release 8×8 Speech Analytics and Quality Management. Taking a feature previously only available in contact centers across the entire enterprise, this AI-based feature brings analytics collected at the contact center to sales, recruiting, and other key areas of business, with one cloud platform supporting it all.

There’s life after fancy desk phones

Ruckus Names 7 Top Network Security Risks

In a recently published, partner-facing E-book, Ruckus Networks outlines seven network access security risks that can easily lead to a breach. In a time when companies are losing millions of dollars and a lot of PR clout due to data breaches, it’s a good moment to pause. This ranking ranges from being mindful of unencrypted data traffic on your network, to instituting strong data governance policies that originate from a “need to know” basis on who has access. The list may be short and sweet, but take heed – it could save you from a really sour experience dealing with a breach.

Call it the 7 Deadly Sins of Access

New Addition! Juniper Welcomes Mist

Juniper Networks has announced an agreement to purchase wireless-gear manufacturer Mist Systems for $405M. The new addition comes at a great time for the company, which has recently had agreements with Aerohive and Aruba to deliver wireless. This new acquisition stands to give Juniper a renewed Cisco-level well-roundedness in the enterprise space and could strengthen Juniper’s competitive position against Cisco, as well as other names like Fortinet. This big new buy should close sometime in Juniper’s second quarter and Juniper says the brand as well as company executives and employees will continue as usual.

The latest new member of the Juniper family

When Distribution Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

If you’re a reseller with an existing broadline distribution relationship, things might be looking greener on the other side of the fence – and maybe that’s cause they are. Enter Securematics, an enablement company and strategic distributor partner that prioritizes your success through one-on-one relationships, strategic vendor partnerships that offer solid support to grow your business, and targeted marketing and logistics support that goes above and beyond what you may currently be getting from your “big name” distributor partner. Want a real partner that treats you like you’re their priority and responds with same-day support? Time to talk to Securematics.

Why Securematics Can Work For You

5G Networks: A Next-Gen Bee Keeper

Lately it feels like 5G is all anyone is talking about when it comes to the “Next Big Thing,” and for good reason. Experts say that as the US leads worldwide advancements towards 5G networks, those advancements could bring life-changing revolutions in self-driving cars, the Internet of Things (IoT), and even saving the honey bees (and by proxy, the world’s food supply). With modern bee keepers relying on asset trackers to help them manage and protect fragile hive structures and bee health, 5G networks could be an asset we all ought to appreciate sooner rather than later.

The buzz is real.

Password Managers: More or Less Vulnerability?

If you’re still reusing that same “favorite” password for all your accounts, you should know a password manager would be wise. And despite a recent study suggesting vulnerabilities in some of the biggest password managers like Dashlane and LastPass, it’s still high time you get on board with one. Why? As WaPo tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler said in a recent expose on the vulnerabilities of some password managers, “You wouldn’t stop using a seat belt because it couldn’t protect you from every kind of vehicle accident. The same applies to password managers.” So get crackin’!

Change your password practices.

Software Defined Storage Gets a Fresh Look

CRN recently outlined a list of ten new pioneers changing the face of Software-Defined Storage, highlighting freshmen platforms like Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform, which provides a unified solution that is customizable across many enterprise storage services. Another standout? Kaminario Cloud Fabric, a software-defined infrastructure for enterprise featuring all-flash storage. Kaminario’s recent change of direction to focus entirely on software-defined storage saw the company join forces with Tech Data as its chief K2 flash array hardware integration partner. Lots of growth can be expected from the new stars on this list.

Ten newbies who are shaking things up.

FedEx Looks to Robots for Same Day Convenience

FedEx has plans to soon start testing same-day delivery robots, pitting the carrier service against giants like Amazon and start-ups like Postmates. Planning rapid receipt of necessities like medicine alongside non-necessities like pizza, FedEx is just another company examining the accessibility and utility of automated machines to help cover new markets and territory. While FedEx brass have not given an estimated release date of any such technology, one thing is for certain. With all the new automated services in development, you can plan on having your cake and eating it, too – possibly the same day.

I want it now!

Network Security’s “Cool Kids”

Regina George jokes aside, CRN’s recent ranking of the “Cool Kids” of Network Security has us ready to sign a yearbook with a Lisa Frank pen. Heading up the list? Not surprisingly, the Prom Queen of Network Security, Aruba, whose wireless APs offer strong encryption and simple configuration with context-based policy enforcement. Further down the list star players like Fortinet and Juniper were featured, with Juniper’s Advanced Threat Prevention Appliances garnering rave reviews for offering one-touch malware detection and threat mitigation with the added bonus of streamlined analysis for enterprises.

The very opposite of a “burn book.”

There May Be A Crow Circling Your Nest

If you have a Nest camera system, it may be time to get a wee bit paranoid. And also, change your password. In fact, Google recently took the unusual step of contacting Nest camera owners and advising that they need to take additional security steps like enabling two-factor authentication. This comes after reports of cameras being hacked under poor security settings and even strangers creeping on peoples’ cameras. The moral of the story: Don’t use the same password for everything (duh) and be vigilant. Google can’t actually protect us from everything.

Google tap-dances around a big issue.

Ruckus adds a new indoor AP to line-up

Ruckus Networks recently announced the launch of the R320 Access Point as the follow up to the R310. In a reasonable price point of $395 MSRP, the new addition rounds out the Wave 2 Indoor portfolio of APs while bringing 11 ac Wave 2 technology for up to 256 clients, making it a great fit for SMB deployments like retail, coffee shops and small restaurants, and some office buildings. To find out more, become a Ruckus Partner or visit https://www.ruckuswireless.com/data-sheets/ruckus-r320.

New R320 AP replaces R310

Ford Just Solved Your Valentine’s Troubles

If you’re lukewarm at best about Valentine’s Day cuddling, we have good news: Ford is creating a conveyor belt mattress that will scoot your bed-hogging significant other back where they belong. We all know there’s an invisible line in the middle of the bed, and when snuggle time is over, you want the light of your life to go the heck away and let you sleep. Enter Ford’s Lane-Keeping love nest (totally serious). While sadly still in prototype development, we are crossing our fingers this thing goes to market. Waitlist, anybody?

Scoot. Over.

Nice: Teenage boy finds Facetime bug before Apple

If you’ve ever had a teen at home, you know they’re not the best at finding things. That was not the case for 14 year-old Grant Thompson and his mother Michele, the unsuspecting finders of the fabled FaceTime bug of 2019. While a software update is due any moment to fix the issue, Thompson stumbled upon it while attempting to FaceTime a friend as early as January 20th. When Mama Thompson’s effort to alert Apple Support didn’t get what she felt like was the correct response – and this is the best part – she tweeted and emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook directly.

Time to brush up on the next big start-up.

Huawei’s Troubles in the U.S. Looming Large

Huawei has capped off the holiday season with 23 criminal charges, two indictments, and a partridge in a pear tree, and 2019 doesn’t look much better. Indictments allege that the company incentivized the theft of trade secrets and stole technology in order to solve a long standing quality check failure rate. After the company’s CFO was arrested in December in Canada, the groundwork has been laid for a long and painful battle with U.S. authorities.

The plot thickens for Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

What’s your data worth? Facebook says a single Jackson.

Oh, Facebook. TechCrunch recently confirmed that the company has been paying people ages 13 to 25 as much as $20 a month for installing the Facebook Research app on iOS or Android. The VPN allows Facebook to gather users’ phone and web activity, giving root access to their data. It bears noting that young teens included in the research demographic are still minors and there may be some ethical questions about incentivizing the data collection of children. The data was used by Facebook to assess potential competitors, but was removed from the App Store in 2018 due to violating data collection guidelines.

It’s the new minimum wage.

CES 2019 Has Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

In case you’re one of the lucky people who doesn’t actually notice that your pants are tighter after the holidays, CES 2019 has you covered with one of its new gadgets exhibiting this week in Las Vegas. Welt, a smart-belt that monitors your waist size, activity levels, and eating habits ($199) is just one of hundreds of new gizmos hitting the convention floor. Other items include Sandman Doppler, a Palo Alto Innovation product designed to offer Amazon Echo functionality in a standard alarm clock. Bonus? It includes stereo speakers and hits the market at $149.99 this summer.

Whozits and Whatzits galore.

Oh Look! More breach news

It’s *not quite* as bad as they thought. That’s what Marriott International said late last week when it revealed that hackers had only gotten away with 5.3 million unencrypted passport numbers, 354,000 unexpired payment cards, and a mere 383 million unique guest’s information. This is a huge relief over the initial estimate of 500 million records, in a four-year-long breach of the Starwood guest database. If you’re not feeling better already, then make sure you check out the incident website the company has set up for those affected – protect your data today!

Well this is a plot twist.

Streaming Movies Just Hit a New High

If you remember trekking it to your mailbox to get your latest Netflix movie delivery, then it’s probably time for a night serum. Yes, Netflix has come a long way, and the latest smashing success of “Bird Box” proves that the times have changed for exclusive films on the streaming platform. While the company usually doesn’t release “box office” style data on its content, it announced recently that “Bird Box” set a record, with one-third of Netflix’ total accounts – 45.3 million, to be exact – watching at least 70% of the movie during its first week of streaming.

Video killed the…uh-oh…

Could Ingram Micro be acquired in 2019?

Negotiations are reportedly underway for HNA Group to sell IT distributor Ingram Micro, and the top bidder may be Apollo Global Management (AGM). While AGM is technically a private equity firm, it sounds like partners can rest easy, as the firm has an extensive background in investing in IT and technology markets. The company acquired Presidio in 2015, as well as Rackspace and ADT in 2016 – all with adjustment periods followed by growth and success in numerous areas. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Sources say a change may be on the horizon.

ThreatSTOP. Threat Intelligence Made Easy

Your pain points may be budgetary, valuable time spent manually updating devices with data, or limited resources. Maybe you’re frustrated to find threat intelligence only effective when it’s turned into automated enforcement policies. If not, it’s forensic and will never protect you from a breach. We believe in cyber integrity and doing our part to protect the Internet. We help you visualize it through reporting, too. We’re ThreatSTOP.

Learn how ThreatSTOP makes Threat Intelligence Easy!

SonicWall’s Gift to You: Layered Security

During SonicWall’s recent Virtual PEAK 2018 event, SonicWall CEO Bill Conner and CTO John Gmeunder both emphasized why layered security can make or break organizations during the holidays and beyond. For SonicWall’s partners, the cyber threat landscape of today demands real-time threat detection and breach prevention. Luckily for you, if you’re a SonicWall Partner who missed this great event, you can log into Overdrive 2.0 for partners and access video to learn more about how layered security works to build strong defenses for your clients, in the constantly evolving war against black hats.

Why it matters during the holidays and beyond

Rough week? Just be glad you’re not Huawei.

If any company is on Santa’s naughty list this year, it’s Huawei. Huawei began 2018 with a crushing blow, when it was unable to complete a deal for AT&T to sell its phones in the US. Then US intelligence began issuing warnings about the phones, suggesting that they were prone to intelligence gathering by the Chinese government. Now their CFO is in jail in Canada – and awaiting extradition to the US. With countries banning the phones from networks left and right, it’s looking like the drama will continue for some time to come.

It could be so. Much. Worse

Sick of Buying Stuff? Try Ruckus Cloud Wifi For Free.

We may have mentioned it before, but if you’re sick of spending money and you want to meet growing Wi-Fi demands without breaking the bank, it’s a great time to try Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi for 60 days. Did we mention it’s free? You get a FREE Ruckus 802.11ac Access Point and 60 day trial of their Cloud Wi-Fi, with intuitive remote management and monitoring. With free phone and chat support, there’s never been a better time to get a risk-free trial of an industry leading solution.

Hey look! Free stuff!

More Christmas Gadgets to Blow Your Mind

Yes, we’re still talking Christmas gift giving. Why? Because if you love your wife, you’ll consider splurging and buying her amazing gear like the Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler System – sure, it ranges from $400-500, but you get to stand next to a Glamazon with perfectly messy waves, so who’s the real winner here? Or maybe you get your forgetful teen a Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker for those keys he keeps losing – starting at only $35, life could be worse, right? Check out the full list of awesome gift ideas.

Gifts for the family and friends you like the most

Millennials and Tech Employers: More Shocking News

In the latest next step towards a “Say Millennials” drinking game, CRN recently reported that leaders in the channel have identified that factors like compensation, company culture, and work/life balance are big factors in younger employees’ satisfaction with their jobs. While many were just shocked to hear that compensation was actually a factor in a young person’s job path, in further surprising news, it turns out that around 45% of young female employees are choosing not to pursue career growth opportunities, often out of fear of losing work/life balance.

Talk Millennial to me…

Post-Holidays Splurge Alert: Bose Sunglasses

If you have a gear and tech freak in your life, Christmas shopping can feel a little impossible. Enter the newly announced Bose Frames, an augmented reality set of shades with a built-in microphone and open-ear headphones. The high-tech glasses interact with both Siri and Google Assistant and are available for preorder now, but with a projected ship date in January 2019. At $199, they don’t break the bank anymore than typical Bose headphones and might just be the ticket to impress your beloved geek.

Sure to please the gear geek in your life

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity wherever you go is the basic requirement of your employees, customers and prospects.  Implementing a solution that meets your needs doesn’t have to crush your IT staff or take months to do. Using Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi solutions, you can provision, monitor and troubleshoot your entire Wi-Fi network through a single web dashboard or mobile app.

Try Cloud Wi-Fi for Free

Apple’s Cook: Free Market Dropping Ball on Privacy

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook says he expects federal regulation of user privacy is coming, and that despite a general resistance to government regulation of business, the free market “hasn’t worked here.” The comments come on the heels of Cook’s past encouragement that companies “self-regulate” on privacy challenges, and reveal an evolving stance from one of tech’s top leaders. Having met with President Trump several times in 2018, Cook has signaled in recent interviews that he may be softening on his usual dislike of government regulation of user privacy.

The Apple chief expects regulation is “inevitable”

Artificial Intelligence, Real Economic Growth

Artificial intelligence could prove a boon to not only productivity, but the health of world markets overall, experts say. A recent report form the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that AI could incrementally boost the global economy by 16 percent. This breaks down to an average annual addition of 1.2 percent through about 2030. This is significant, McKinsey says, because it is similar to the impact of other new technologies throughout history, such as the steam locomotive of the 1800s or the tech boom of the early 2000s.

AI driving potential world economic expansion

When Start-Ups Outgrow Their Security

The Wall Street Journal recently shined a light on the cybersecurity downfalls of rapidly expanding start-ups in today’s market, and it’s time for entrepreneurs to take notes. From shortening attention to training new employees on smart cybersecurity practice, to failing to move from the typical start-up “piecemeal” solution as the company network grows, these holes can leave an organization vulnerable to attacks. What’s worse, the average time it took for these organizations to discover a problem – in nearly 70% of cases – was more than a month. If your organization is growing fast, you need to read this one.

Fast growth equals more security worries.

Shocking News: Amazon Faces More Backlash

We know, it’s totally surprising, but…Amazon is facing more criticism. This time, the ire comes as a result of fierce competition between cities hoping to host Amazon’s new second headquarters. Anticipated targets include Long Island City in Queens and Crystal City, Virginia. Critics say the company’s record on pay and work conditions in warehouses is a huge concern and discourage city officials from offering incentives to draw Amazon’s eye. Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he’ll change his name to “Amazon” to help convince them. This should be interesting.

We’re shook

Jet’s Black Friday Preview is Giving Us Life

Jet, online purveyor of all the gadgetry your techie heart could desire, has released its Black Friday preview, and the deals are sweeter than pie. Starting the night before Thanksgiving (Nov. 21 at 10 pm ET), you can score items like a Fitbit Versa for $180 – perfect for tracking your sleep or analyzing athletic performance. For the audiophile in your life, Bose QuietComfort headphones will be $299 versus their regular retail of $349. And if you hate a dirty floor, you’re in luck – you can score a iRobot Roomba for under $200 this year.

Get Ready to Couch-Shop!

Why Robots Are Calling More Than Your Mom

Robocalls are an issue we’ve all dealt with, but it may feel like it’s constant these days. Around 147 million robocalls are made each day, and consumer complaints have hit an all-time high. The issue? It’s just too easy to become a robocaller, says Ian Barlow, the FTC’s Do Not Call Program Coordinator, requiring little software and boasting a low cost of operation. Though most fly under the radar, there is hope – a calling operation was recently fined $82 million, one of the largest fines ever imposed by the FCC.

Your friend at “Cardholder Services” called

The Only Advanced Web Application Firewall

If you are running applications in your business, you need protection at the application layer. There are many WAF (Web Application Firewall) Solutions out there, however, there is only one that provides Advanced sophistication and reliability. Presidio and Advanced WAF provide the extra security layer, managed services, and oversight you need to protect your business.

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Congress Preps a Reckoning for Social Networks

So far, 2018 has been a rough year for social media bigwigs like Mark Zuckerberg, with Facebook and others being the focus of repeat investigations and hearings like the ones that took place in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The Verge recently dove into what Congress could potentially do to effect change in tech companies’ policies, and it turns out there are some proposed plans like the Browser Act and the Consent act that would require an “opt-in” model for gathering sensitive data rather than the usual “opt-out” model. Read more here.

Big news for one of Tech’s giants

Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Protection

Protecting your business from cyber-attacks isn’t a choice, it is a requirement. Picking the right technology, is a choice. Juniper’s Networks Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance is a distributed software platform that combines advanced threat detection, consolidated security analytics, and one-touch threat mitigation to protect your business and improve the productivity of your security teams.

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Smart Phone Face Off: Pre-Christmas Edition

There will always be those firmly in the Apple camp, and those who declare their allegiance to an Android-based phone OS. CRN recently completed a head-to-head comparison of the new iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9. Identical traits include display size and standard storage options as well as storage upgrade capabilities. The iPhone XS boasts a significantly faster processor and RAM, as well as a dual rear camera system with features like Smart HDR. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9 remains at a more accessible price point for an unlocked phone. Pick your poison.

The debate continues

Remote Work Turns Effortless

For mobile workforces and remote employees, having a remote desktop that is fast, reliable, and secure protects their productivity and their bottom line. With 32 million Americans using telecommunication in their daily job, EffortlessDesktop is the tool you need to reduce your overall IT expenditure by up to 40% annually and create predictability in your IT costs. Learn more about Effortless Suite and Desktop and find out how Desktop-as-a-Service could serve your company.

EffortlessDesktop changes mobile workforces

Presidio Makes F5 DataSafe Trial Ready

IT solutions provider Presidio has a laser focus on bringing partners next level security and enablement. Their F5 DataSafe 30-day free trial now allows application level security in a convenient trial size. When the average organization is using over 750 different web apps, the risks are immeasurable. With Presidio and F5’s new trial demo offering, you have the empowerment of options at your fingertips.

Schedule F5’s DataSafe demo today

Twitter Leads Market on Ignoring Terrorist Rantings

By now, you’ve probably heard about Cesar Sayoc, the sad little Ted Kaczynski understudy who was thankfully better at actually *being* a ticking time bomb than he was at *making* bombs. What you may have missed is that Mr. Sayoc has been throwing red flags on Twitter for awhile – a la multiple recent mass murderers, including Capital Gazette shooter Jarrod Ramos. And once again, Twitter was asleep as the wheel. The social network released a late mea culpa as of Friday evening, which sounded eerily like crickets chirping.

It’s almost like nobody’s paying attention…

Why IBM is Acquiring Red Hat

Forget Black Friday, IBM has decided on their biggest purchase of the year, announcing plans this week to acquire open source star Red Hat for $34 billion, cementing a two-decade partnership between the companies. Though the move makes some software developers a little nervous, it positions the companies to become the paramount leader in hybrid cloud technologies. While other companies like Google had their shot at the deal with Red Hat, it was IBM that ultimately wanted to combine forces to become a bigger, bolder Linux powerhouse, says IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

Big news for one of Tech’s giants

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For a limited time, exchange your MAG appliance and software for a Secure Access package, which includes a free physical Pulse Secure Appliance or a 3-year subscription for a virtual or cloud PSA. To qualify for a free PSA, you must purchase a minimum number of 3-year subscription or perpetual Essential or Advanced Edition Suite licenses.

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Security still the Kryptonite of IoT

Security concerns continue to be the arch enemy of IoT growth, says James Allen of global strategy group Bain & Co. A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Allen says that Bain & Co. research shows that business consumers report they would be buying up to 70% more IoT devices if it weren’t for ongoing security worries and the complexity of managing IoT from the business side. On top of that, 93% of executives surveyed said they would pay more – up to 22% more – for better security in IoT devices.

The good news and the bad news

MIT Media Lab Tackles Mind Control for Halloween.

After Trick-or-Treaters stop knocking on Halloween night, the MIT Media Lab has an entertaining way for you to spend you evening working with other internet users as part of a “social experiment” to control one person’s actions for the evening. While commands of “The Purge” variety will be disregarded, it may be just as creepy to witness their so-called #AbsenceTrilogy theme playing out on the Lab’s BeeMe website as one human gives up free will for a few hours to strangers on the internet.

Trick, treat, or mind control?

Pre-Christmas Tech Stars for Your Shopping List

Crowdfunding and start-ups rule a pre-Christmas gear list recently released by Digital Trends. New gear includes an inventive cycling solution, Retyre, featuring a “base” bike tire starting at $80. Retyre features options for zip-on treads – suiting different terrain in a fraction of the time it takes to change bike tires. Another feature for techies might be the Makerphone, a kit that teaches you how to DIY your very own, fully-functional smartphone – starting at only $95 and shipping in March of 2019.

Find out the latest crowdfunding tech gear

SonicWall University Adds New Courses Oct. 23

SonicWall Partners looking for accessible training solutions, your wait is almost up. A new round of training courses will be released to the SonicWall University platform October 23rd, with courses going hand in hand with new product enhancements like SonicWall’s Global Management System and Web Application Firewall. At least five brand-new courses will be available to partners, with easy access via SonicWall University and even sales collateral to help you land your next deal. For more info, head to SonicWall University.

Beware: This information may make you lose faith in humanity

Broadcom Gets EU’s All-Clear to Acquire

It’s been a busy couple of years for chipmaker Broadcom, and as of last week, the company was given antitrust clearance by the EU in its final regulatory step towards acquiring software company CA Technologies Inc. A memo – which experts now say was likely a fake – had recently circulated through the U.S. Department of Defense as well as some lawmakers, however the company now expects the deal to close in early November without incident.

A fake memo almost stopped the deal

The War of Streaming Music Services

According to The Verge, Spotify may be the best streaming music service right now – packing a 1-2 punch of consistent user experience, boundless catalog, and intuitive playlist options that continually broaden listeners’ horizons. Apple Music ranks a great alternative for its “exclusive” nature on new releases and digital locker option, with the user interfaces being seen as slightly less user-friendly than Spotify. It seems the debate isn’t settled – but options abound.

Read On To Decide Your Best Fit For Jams

SonicWall Gearing Up for Fall 2018 Peak Event

Registration is open for SonicWall’s Virtual Peak 2018 event on November 13th at 7 am PST, and if you aren’t up to speed with SonicWall’s latest product launches, accolades, and industry awards, it’s time to get familiar. As the brand continues its growth into SMB and key vertical markets, it’s an ideal opportunity to hear the latest innovations in real-time, automatic threat prevention and how a partnership with SonicWall can grow your business.

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There’s A New Team in Network Automation

Artificial Intelligence leader Mist announced earlier this month that it would partner with Juniper Networks to integrate Juniper’s Contrail SD-WAN solution with Mist’s Learning WAN. This new solutions will merge network intelligence with artificial intelligence, providing end-to-end insights, seamless user experience, and instant insights. Particularly for networks with a large connected device and mobile user population, this is going to be a smart pairing.

Find out what Mist and Juniper are up to

Juniper Nabs Coveted Magic Quadrant Ranking

In the upper echelon of data center networking, advisory and research leader Gartner makes it clear: Juniper leads the pack. With a deep portfolio of solutions that exemplify that coveted combo of vision, execution, and leadership in the field, this new ranking confirms it: Engineering Simplicity is more than just a tagline.

See how Juniper checks all the boxes

XVIDA Charges Up iPhone Convenience

For iPhone enthusiasts, the iPhone X was a double edged sword when it came to charging convenience. While wireless charging was now easier, you lost the ability to use a magnetic mount. Accessory manufacturer XVIDA has fixed that issue with their new magnetic charging mounts and cases for iPhone X. With sleek looks and quality performance, XVIDA addresses one of the chief issues that Apple fans were struggling with.

See how XVIDA is powering up iPhone

House Hunters: Underground Bunker Edition

The aspiring “Henry Ford of bomb shelters,” Atlas Survival’s Ron Hubbard (not the Scientology guy) says that he and many other survival shelter revolutionaries are getting more calls than ever. And though the inquiries tend to peak when U.S. President Donald Trump has a tiff with North Korea, experts say severe wildfires, tornado, and hurricane seasons are all now helping drive sales for what used to be considered a rather unusual request. From Silicon Valley to your weird neighbor’s back yard, the bunkers might be underground, but the demand? Sky high.

Check out the latest in bomb shelter chic

Getting Schooled With SonicWall Pays Off

For sales representatives and engineers in the channel, continuing education is necessary, but not always easy – and the ROI can take time to materialize. SonicWall is making that a thing of the past with their newly unveiled SonicWall University Continuing Education Program. With multi-tiered personal development programs and pre-loaded credits for any exams passed since February 1, 2018, this program provides ROI before you even hit the books.

Give your CE credits a reboot with SonicWall

Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground

You’ll find a cloud component in every enterprise network these days, and for good reason. From convenient management to accessibility and agility, the benefits are obvious. But network administrators don’t have their heads in the clouds when it comes to the imperative of security in cloud networks. Join Juniper’s Secure and Automated Multicloud Webinar Wednesday, October 17th to hear Juniper’s Mike Bushong discuss the secure and accessible solutions Juniper brings to the market.

Find a happy place between cloud and network security

Let’s Get Physical: Security Surprise at Google HQ

It’s safe to say most of Google’s intrepid workforce probably endeavor to break down doors in the figurative sense. David Tomaschik of the Google Sunnyvale office took that literally last July when he devised a malicious code – with good intentions – that managed to unlock office doors without the usual RFID keycard. This uncovered vulnerabilities in their physical security solution for the entire office site. Even scarier, this was no Kool-Aid Man entrance – Tomashik was able to do this without his actions ever being on record.

Learn how a white hat hacker opened new doors

Microsoft Ignite Gets Lit With Juniper Networks

If you’re going to be in Orlando September 24-28 for Microsoft Ignite, you should know, the cool kids will all be at the Juniper booth (#948) to give away prizes, do live demos, and hand you a FREE trial of Juniper Networks vSRX virtual firewall. Come see how Juniper and Microsoft Azure can work beautifully together! Pre-schedule your one-on-one meeting today.

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SonicWall Brings Big Security to Main Street

Nearly half of SMBs say that security incidents result in lost productivity for their businesses. Recent legislation echoes and backs this sentiment, with the new NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act supported unanimously in Congress – and let’s be honest, how often do those folks ever agree on anything? SonicWall continues to perfect its end-to-end cybersecurity solution for SMBs, with 26 years and counting of experience. From Multi-engine cloud sandbox to secure mobile access and BYOB solutions, their drive for partner empowerment brings enterprise-level security to Main Street.

Learn what contributes to cybersecurity incidents

Revolutionary Robot Navigates Pipes to Find Leaks

In the United States, the American Society of Civil Engineers reports no less than 6 billion gallons of clean water are lost through leaking pipes on a daily basis. An MIT graduate student is looking to remedy that. You Wou’s invent – the Robot Lighthouse – aims to detect leaks before they enter the crucial stages of water loss.

Learn more about this innovative bot

Juniper Upcoming Technical Training Classes

Juniper has released the schedule of upcoming technical training classes through the end of the year. Classes range from Data Center Switching, Junos Enterprise Switching, Cloud Fundamentals, and more. Juniper is also offering a new course, The Introduction to Junos Platform Automation and DevOps, now available for registration. Check the schedule and enroll in a technical training course suitable for you.

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Japanese University Tests First Space Elevator

Elevators are simple machines, taking you from floor to floor – a mundane part of the day, to say the least. But what if you could take an elevator to outer space? Shizouka University in Japan is trying to bring just that concept to life. Read more to find out how long the journey would take from start to finish.

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Juniper Networks JATP Promo

New malware campaigns are launched every day, with threats hiding in carefully crafted emails just waiting for your employees to open up a virus that can impact your entire network. With Juniper Networks’ Sky Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), you get that extra layer of protection to safeguard your business.

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Rivaling the Microsoft Surface: Dell’s 5290 2-in-1

In the 2-in-1 electronics market – competition is steep, not to mention the many challenges that go along with marrying the benefits of laptop computers and tablet devices. Dell’s recent foray into the 2-in-1 market – the 5290 model – seems to check a lot of boxes. Portability, kick stand flexibility and battery life are just a few of the redeeming qualities.

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Pulse Secure Network Access Control

Having visibility to who has access to your network can give you piece of mind and protect your business. The days Network Access Control (NAC) being complex and complicated are long gone. With Pulse Secure Solutions, you can maintain complete control of your network access and have the flexibility to integrate additional solutions without massive overhead.

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Public Cloud Marketplace

Ready to leverage the “Cloud” to help grow your business? Not sure how to get started? It can be overwhelming and time consuming without the right partner. With Juniper public cloud solutions you get security plus flexibility. From our pay-as-you-go to the bring-your-own license models, we make the financial barrier to entry a non-issue.

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Golf Course Delivery Drones: The New Frontier

Hitting the links can work up an appetite – if you’re peckish on the back 9, a solution is on the way. Drone company Flytrex is offering the opportunity to order food – and have it delivered – before you step off the green. Considering the complications with drone delivery in heavily populated areas, this trial run for golfers could be a match made in heaven.

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Juniper Networks on Microsoft Azure

Looking for accelerated time to remediation after an incident and advanced monitoring across your entire network? Secure connectivity to your Azure workloads using Juniper networking solutions may be the solution for you.

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Try the Juniper Networks vSRX for Free

Simplify the complexities of migrating to the cloud with solutions and services that can transform your network. Get the agility of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the reliability of the Juniper vSRX Firewall to get a secure, integrated solution that supports the goals of your business, without breaking the bank, or your network.

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Secure Access for the Next Generation

Too many apps and not enough security to keep your business protected? Getting secure access doesn’t have to be so difficult. Pulse Secure solutions cover the spectrum of your daily business needs at the office, at your home or on the go.

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Over 3,000 3D Printers Hacked: Are You at Risk?

It has been discovered that OctoPrint 3D printer interfaces are vulnerable to attack, due to their ability to be accessed without authentication. Hackers could overheat the printers to start fires, print drones and firearms, or acess the webcam. Read more to find out if your company could have been affected, and how to combat this cybersecurity breach.

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