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  • Royal photo stirs up image manipulation debate
  • Copilot continues to be questionable
  • OpenAI brought the tea in the form of a blog



📸 Like, Totally Edited, Your Highness

This week, a photo released by Kensington Palace of Kate Middleton with her children turned into a social media firestorm. What started as a sweet Mother’s Day post morphed into a debate about the ethics of image manipulation in the digital age. While some brushed it off as a minor editing mishap, some wonder if it was just flat out an AI generated image.

This issue highlights a growing concern: where do we draw the line between harmless photo editing and flat-out deception? A little brightness adjustment? Sure. Posting a fake image of you and your kids when you haven’t been seen in a while and conspiracy theories are flying? Maybe not so much. The more we manipulate images, the more we chip away at trust. It’s hard to believe anything we see online anymore, and that’s a recipe for a world overflowing with manufactured realities and unrealistic standards.


  • Kensington Palace released a photo of Kate Middleton with her kids, but people noticed edits and got suspicious.
  • Kate confirmed the photo was edited.
  • The palace and news outlets took the photo down due to image manipulation.


😈 Copilot is going through a teenage phase

The AI assistant, already infamous for its, shall we say, “unique” style, is generating images. Now it’s struggling to make images that don’t include violence or provocativeness. Don’t worry bud – you’ll get there.

💻 Click here to lose billions!

Everyone act surprised, cybercrime is on the rise. The FBI’s latest report reveals a record-breaking $12.5 billion lost to online crime in 2023. Looks like those phishing emails are really evolving.

🤖 OpenAI said “here’s the redacted tea”

More emails show Musk pressuring OpenAI to ditch their whole “benevolent AI for all” thing and focus on making money. OpenAI, ever the smooth talker, says they’re still on the path of friendly AI, but these emails make it sound more like they’re putting on a happy face for investors.


In a win for eco-conscious drivers, Volvo Cars’ investment in Breathe Battery Technologies brings us closer to a future where electric vehicles are not just environmentally friendly, but also convenient. Breathe’s software promises significantly faster charging times, addressing a key concern for potential EV buyers. This collaboration between a major automaker and a tech startup highlights the power of innovation in accelerating the adoption of clean transportation technologies for a more sustainable future.

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