Let’s Ride Into 2024 Talking Tech


This week we’re diving into:

  • Tesla being dethroned
  • Human vs AI influencers
  • A rise of electric buses

Let’s ride into the new year talking about tech.


Buckle up for an Electric Future

Tesla’s EV reign is over! China’s BYD surged ahead, delivering a record 526,409 electric cars in Q4 2023, compared to Tesla’s 484,507. This pivotal shift marks China’s growing dominance in the EV market, fueled by BYD’s affordability, quality, and home-field advantage. Expect fiercer competition, faster tech advancements, and a global EV boom as the race intensifies. Buckle up, the future of transportation is electric, and it’s gonna be a wild ride.


  • China’s BYD takes the top spot of EV deliveries compared to Tesla, marking a major shift in the electric car landscape.
  • BYD’s success stems from affordability, quality, and home-field advantage.
  • Expect more competition, faster tech advancements, and a global EV boom as the race for electric supremacy heats up.


Tech Bytes

Breaking Free from Earthbound Signals

5G-Advanced, expected to be finalized in 2024, will introduce evolutionary improvements and new features like support for non-terrestrial networks and better uplink speeds.


Farewell, Ad-Free Oasis

Prime time just got pricier. Prime Video’s free-streaming bubble bursts on Jan 29th, riddling shows with ads unless you cough up an extra $2.99.


Fake Friends for your Feed

AI influencers spark ethical debate as brands ditch real people for controversy-free, pixel-perfect puppets.


Tech for Good

Electric school buses are making a major comeback, doubling in numbers across the US since March 2022. Not only are they whisking students to school in green style, but their quieter purr promises cleaner air, healthier learning environments, and a brighter future for us all. With 49 states now committed to electrifying their fleets, the road ahead is looking sunny for green education on wheels.


That’s all for now folks! Hope you all had a fun new year and we’re excited to see what the future holds.


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