Foxit: Underdog or Top Dog?


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Picture a PDF file in your head. Freeze! Did you think of a little red and black icon? Probably (although if you’re a longtime Mac user, maybe the old-school Preview icon came to mind). When we think of document management, signing, or any other shenanigans that accompany our daily document needs, there are a few household names that come to mind. Well, hold on to your PDFs, because there’s a strong player that’s been steadily gaining ground, reaching over half a billion (yes, with a B) users. Meet Foxit, the company that’s been giving the big dogs a run for their money and will probably make you think twice about who’s getting yours.


From Humble Beginnings to Heavyweight (But Still Humble)

Founded in 2001, Foxit has grown from a small startup to a publicly traded entity with over 100 million users, nipping at the heels of the industry giants as the #2 PDF brand globally. You may not know Foxit by name but get this… you’ve almost certainly used their tech, perhaps even in the last 10 minutes. They’re a silent partner to your Google Chrome and Amazon experiences, making PDFs a breeze to handle. They don’t just live in the shadows—Foxit is a full-fledged document management platform.

Foxit isn’t here to shout about being better (although they’re here to show they’re just as good) providing powerful alternatives in the world of document management. It’s the kind of success story that makes you wonder if the top dogs, with sometimes clunky UIs and wallet-thinning prices, might be looking over their shoulders. After all, who doesn’t love a good underdog story—even if the underdog isn’t so “under” when you put it side by side?


Why Foxit? Because the Little Things Matter

Foxit’s “do more with documents” mantra is tailored to those who live and breathe documents and they just seem to make all the little things that get under your skin with docs go away. You know what I’m referring to: complicated user interfaces, frustrating pricing and user management structures… the list goes on. In fact, Foxit is built from the ground up to resemble a Microsoft Office-style platform for convenience and ease of use. Huzzah, Microsoft users rejoice! With an intuitive user interface UI and a suite of easy-to-digest instructional videos, Foxit empowers users to be more productive without the need for constant support. They outscored Adobe Acrobat in every G2 user rating. It’s about giving control back to users and making document management as straightforward as possible. Oh yeah, and what about licenses? User-based rather than device-based. Say goodbye to multiple licenses on all your work laptops.


Foxit Wants to Be Your Partner Too

Channel partners, I’m talking to you here. Foxit offers a compelling proposition: cost-effective solutions for your customers that don’t skimp on quality. With costs up to 40% less and margins twice as high, it’s a partnership that makes good business sense. Here’s a real-world example: the Canadian federal government recently switched to Foxit, and with the cost savings, they were able to go from about 100K users to 200K with the same budget. If it’s good enough for the Canadians, we ought to consider it too, eh? Foxit also helps partners with sales enablement, getting on calls with you if needed, and offers flexible license models for users (including monthly, annual, and even perpetual).


Where Do We Go From Here?

All in all, Foxit has a simple message: you have options. You’re not stuck if you have frustrations around your document management. If you’re like us, you may not have even consciously realized how deeply-rooted your annoyances were until now. If you’re looking for an option that breaks the mold, Foxit is easily the top alternative to Adobe Acrobat. With a free trial, there’s no reason not to give this document dynamo a whirl. Remember the Canadians—give it a shot, eh?

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