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A Cybersecurity Snapshot – April Edition

Reader warning: at ChannelBytes, we aren’t your typical tech media site. We have an opinion, we say what we want in our words, and we probably have stared at too many screens and had too much coffee for our own good. We witness the constant flux and remarkable innovations within the IT and cybersecurity space first- (and frankly) second-hand. So, we thought: hey, why keep these to ourselves?

Here are a few emerging trends we’ve seen in the cybersecurity landscape this last quarter and some of the top companies that are taking a “byte” out of security crime. Yes, we are old enough to remember McGruff the crime dog.

In talking to clients, providers, and vendors, the sentiment of “necessity is the mother of invention” and “be careful who you trust” rings true. So, let’s get into it.

We all know rapid advancements are being made in key cybersecurity technology areas that are transforming industries and reshaping the digital landscape for vendors, suppliers, and end users. Today we are focusing on three areas that keep us up at night more than our coffee addiction.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling some damn cool capabilities in areas like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and automated decision making that… let’s be honest… we all need more of.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) connects billions of smart devices and sensors, generates vast streams of data, and enables new applications and efficiencies that everyone and their brother is trying to take advantage of – and hack into.
  • Zero Trust Security Frameworks are helping organizations better protect their systems and data in an increasingly complex threat environment. We want to feel like we’re safely locked inside Alcatraz vs. being exposed on the outside.

Simple concepts, right?

Let’s look at some companies that are leading the charge in using and protecting these areas. These innovative organizations are delivering cutting-edge solutions, so pause for the cause and learn how their work may impact your business this year.


First on the list


Black Kite

They say they’re elevating Cyber Risk Intelligence; we say they’re worth paying attention to if you’re interested in increasing efficiency and margins – and who isn’t!

Black Kite stands out in the cybersecurity arena with their focus on third-party risk management. Recognizing that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, they offer a platform that provides detailed insights into the cybersecurity posture of not just a single organization but its entire vendor ecosystem. Their approach is rooted in the principle that understanding and mitigating the risks posed by third parties is crucial for maintaining overall cybersecurity resilience.

Black Kite uses open-source intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to assess cybersecurity risks. Their platform delivers comprehensive reports that include a company’s cyber risk score, akin to a credit score but for cybersecurity. This score reflects a company’s vulnerability to cyberattacks, considering factors like patching cadence, email security, and network security. By providing this intelligence, Black Kite enables businesses to make informed decisions about their vendors and partners, ensuring that they engage with entities that prioritize cybersecurity.

This values-driven company is a standout and we also like anyone who shares reports like this to keep us all informed. We promise it’s a good read.


Next on our roundup, someone stellar…


Stellar Cyber: The Innovator of Open XDR Security

Stellar Cyber takes a different but equally innovative approach with their Open Extended Detection and Response (Open XDR) platform. We know open XDR represents a new era in cybersecurity, offering a unified security operations platform that integrates with existing security tools to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of an organization’s security posture. Their platform is designed to make sense of the vast amounts of data generated by various security tools, using AI and ML to detect, analyze, and respond to threats more effectively. This isn’t your dad’s AI; this is the practical adoption of Gen AI at its best.

One key benefit of Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform is its flexibility. It’s designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of security products, allowing organizations to leverage their existing investments while enhancing their overall security capabilities. This makes Stellar Cyber’s solution particularly attractive for managed security service providers (MSSP’s) looking to better serve their clients or enterprise businesses looking for a scalable and efficient way to upgrade their cybersecurity measures.

These folks are no slouches, their pedigree is solid (Gartner Market Guide vendor anyone?) with a team that was involved in growing companies like Juniper Networks, Fortinet, and Cisco. The proof is in the pudding and these folks have a lot of pudding. If you want a taste, they are generous with their in-person and virtual events if you want some free learning (yes, please!). Check them out here.


They might not be as big as Godzilla, but their software platform is not to be trifled with.


Zilla Security

These folks take compliance more seriously than the IRS and they understand that software as service (SaaS) applications must work together, not separately.

Zilla Security delivers a level of visibility and speed with their security solution that’s a must-have in today’s plethora of new applications. Their Identity Security Platform uses automation and a security-first method to give companies tools to stop security breaches before they happen, make the process of giving access faster, and make checking access controls easier.

This forward-thinking way of handling permissions offers strong protection against threats, creating a solid security and compliance stance that protects a company’s entire digital area. When the term “governance” is mentioned, we know that we sometimes think: more process = more complexity. However, these folks aren’t messing around with how they can make it happen with ease – and they have the stats to back it up.

Now available on the AWS marketplace, they’re dedicated to growing with customers’ changing needs. They use feedback from users and keep up with the latest trends, plus their leadership team is stacked with experience. Especially Co-founder and CEO, Deepak Taneja, if that guy was swapping stories at the pub, there would be a lot of justified humblebragging going around. Just check him out sharing some insights a few weeks ago on the IDAC podcast.

I know we all like to complain when something can’t be integrated with our “preferred” app, but wow, these folks have really put their money where their mouth is with a solid list of integrations AND an option to challenge them if yours isn’t on the list.


That’s enough for this Snapshot

As we conclude our voyage through the evolving landscape of cybersecurity (i.e. what happened over the last 90 days), it’s clear that the guardians of our digital realm aren’t just surviving; they’re thriving, weaving innovation and resilience into the fabric of our digital lives.

Discover who to trust and understand the cutting-edge solutions that these vanguards offer. By exploring the links provided, we promise you will learn enough to become a boy or girl scout of IT.

Remember, in the digital age, knowledge isn’t just power; it’s protection. By staying informed about the latest in cybersecurity, you contribute to a safer, more secure digital world for us all.


Visit to learn about other topics and treats in the tech world. Until our next Snapshot…

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