Businesses Stuck in the Past, Apps Go Rogue, Brains Get Gamers πŸ‘Ύ


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  • Businesses are slowly realizing the issues with outdated tech
  • False SWAT raid due to Find My feature of Apple
  • Playing video games with a brain chip



πŸ”„ Out With the Old, In With the AI

Deloitte’s 2024 study dives into how businesses are white-knuckling it through economic ups and downs. Inflation’s spiking, conflicts are raging, regulations are changing – it’s stressful.

Businesses are looking for solutions to help them strategically manage costs and drive margin. From AI-powered supply chain optimization to data-driven automation, B2B tech has the tools to streamline operations, identify new efficiencies, and ultimately, boost their bottom line. Legacy systems? They’re out. Businesses crave innovative fixes


  • Cost-cutting efforts are failing at a record rate – 82% to be exact (the worst since they started tracking this stuff in 2008).
  • 79% of businesses are embracing Generative AI to boost efficiency.
  • 50% of companies admitted that clinging to their outdated tech is hurting margin.




πŸ‘€ 3 Million Users Get a Free Identity Crisis

Social Security numbers, passcodes – the whole identity buffet – were apparently left wide open for hackers. AT&T insists their systems are secure, but after denying a breach just a while back, trust is pretty slim right now.


🍏 Find My Fiasco

A Missouri family’s home became a mess after a SWAT team raid – all thanks to AirPods that the Find My app said were there (but weren’t). This problem isn’t the first of its kind, raising concerns about overdependence on imperfect technology. Now, the fam is suing, claiming their rights were violated and the whole situation went way overboard.


πŸ€– Conquer Civ 6 First – Figure the Rest Out Later

Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant is supposed to change the world, but baby steps first. This implant’s first big test was conquering virtual civilizations all night long in Civ 6! Look, I get it – it’s a great game.



Alaska’s Fairbanks International Airport is taking a more down-to-earth approach to tech for good. They’ve deployed a robot about the size of a labrador, disguised as a coyote or fox (undecided), to scare away birds from the runways. This dog/fox-bot uses movement and flashing lights to mimic predator behavior, keeping birds safely away from airplanes.

It’s a win-win – airplanes take flight safely, and birds get to live another day. Plus, this eco-friendly tech eliminates the need for noisy deterrents or human intervention, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution in the long run.


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