Amazon Ditches Cashierless Checkout: Maybe We Like Human Interaction After All? 👾


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  • FCC makes a shocking turnaround with net neutrality
  • Apple’s self-driving car dreams hit a brick wall
  • Techy clothes



🛒 Amazon’s Cashierless Experiment Goes Bust: Here’s What (I Think) Went Wrong

Did you hear the latest about Amazon? They just pulled the plug on their “Just Walk Out” cashierless checkout system in their US Amazon Fresh stores. It was that system where you grabbed your groceries and walked out without ever having to interact with a cashier.

So, why the sudden change of heart? Tbh, we don’t know. Maybe some folks weren’t too keen on the whole “Big Brother is watching you buy bananas” vibe. Or maybe the tech itself is a bit glitchy, leading to some shoppers getting mysteriously charged for things they didn’t buy. Or maybe it was Amazon needing to spend a ton of money on tech and people when one or two people can do the same thing. Or maybe Amazon was taking the hint when they couldn’t sell off this technology. Who’s to say.

The future of grocery shopping might still involve a quick grab-and-go someday, but for now, it seems our neighborhood cashiers are still holding down the fort. Maybe one day it will take off again, it just won’t be April 10th, 2024.


  • Amazon ditched its “Just Walk Out” cashierless checkout system in the US.
  • We’re not sure why.
  • This might be a temporary break for Amazon to improve the tech.



👤 Net Neutrality’s Big Comeback (Maybe)

The FCC just did a total 180 on net neutrality. They’re voting to try and bring back those sweet, sweet open internet rules that were changed in the Trump administration. If it passes, this translates to a level playing field for all. Consumers get a fair shot at a speedy, unrestricted web experience, while content creators can innovate without worrying about ISP paywalls.

🍏 Roadblock for Apple

Looks like Apple’s self-driving car project just hit a dead end and over 600 employees are out of a job. This is a pretty big deal – the first major layoff at Apple since COVID. Like Amazon getting rid of grab-and-go tech, this news shows that self-driving cars are further out than anticipated.

🤠 No More Wild West AI

Rubrik, a data management company, just formed an AI governance committee to watch over its artificial intelligence. This is a smart move considering the growing pains of AI. Get ready to see more companies follow suit, because responsible AI is the new black.



Ever wanted clothes that light up with a touch or display messages on the fly? No? Well it’s coming anyways. This new way of clothing might be closer than you think thanks to a new kind of fiber that can convert light into digital signals. It uses the electromagnetic energy around you and your own body as a circuit. This tech has the potential to revolutionize fashion trends.

Like every new technology, we still need to look at the flip side. Security and privacy are a major concern. Who controls the data all these clothes are collecting? We also don’t want a new form of a tech divide, this time in a fashion sense. And let’s not forget the whole “wearing tech all day – is it safe?” Question. Either way, it’s still super exciting to see new ways we can be innovative.

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