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  • Google Search getting worse
  • Too many girlfriends in GPT
  • Climbing mountains instead of playing cards in a senior living facility




🤖 Google Gets Gummy with Spam

Researchers discovered a disturbing trend in Google Search: rampant SEO spam cluttering search results, particularly in product-related queries. What made Google Search so valuable was its reliability and trustworthiness. Users are now left questioning the very information they find online, wondering if they’re being fed carefully crafted propaganda instead of genuine advice.

The study points to a worrying cycle. Search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo engage in a constant tug-of-war with spammers, achieving only temporary victories before the tide of manipulation rises again.


  • Researchers found spammy reviews flooding product searches, making it harder to find reliable information.
  • Search engines constantly battle spammers, but the fight feels never-ending, and AI-generated spam makes the future even murkier.
  • Google defends its turf, arguing that the study focuses on a limited scope.




🎨 Pixelated payback

Artists weaponize their pixels against AI thieves. A new tool called Nightshade lets artists add hidden code to their images to foil AI models trying to copy their work.


🛋️ Booming to bust

Wayfair’s “Work Harder” mantra doesn’t save 1,650 jobs as online furniture sales sink. 13% of staff laid off as pandemic boom bites dust.


❤️‍🔥 Love gone rouge

ChatGPT’s girlfriend AI boom backfires, sparking copyright chaos and privacy concerns. Love in the algorithm age comes with unexpected baggage.



Imagine scaling a mountain peak, not in your prime, but in your golden years. Thanks to revolutionary wearable robots like MOONWALK-Omni, this vision is becoming a reality, offering a chance to conquer outdoor challenges and reignite their love for adventure.

Weighing only 2 kilograms, it integrates with the user’s movement, providing up to 30% additional leg strength. It learns your gait, adjusting support to conquer slopes, rocky paths, and even steep stairs.

MOONWALK-Omni’s impact extends beyond mountain trails. Its potential lies in everyday life, from navigating grocery stores to enjoying walks in the park. Imagine elderly communities bustling with vitality, thanks to these technological companions. This technology promises to redefine mobility and quality of life for millions of senior citizens.


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