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  • Exploring AI relationships
  • Uncle Sam goes big in Texas
  • Clear labels for internet plans are here



💜 No In-Laws, Only Algorithms

Greg Isenberg from Late Checkout made bold claims by suggesting AI girlfriends (and presumably boyfriends) could be more prevalent in the coming years. He even knows someone who spends $10,000 a month on their AI GF… Maybe there’s a market for robot therapists too, because that’s another newsletter.

Now, before you imagine like a Scarlett Johansson whispering sweet nothings in your earbud, there are some things to consider. This ‘girlfriend’ is not a sentient being, but rather a program designed to provide companionship and emotional support. Think along the lines of Siri that can hold a conversation and maybe even write you a love poem (I might be starting to sell myself on this now…).

While the idea of an AI companion has some people excited about the possibilities for connection and emotional well-being, others are worried about the potential downsides. Could these AI relationships replace real human connection? How much are some people willing to pay for AI-generated cleavage? Either way, you don’t have to worry about meeting the parents.


  • AI significant others might be here to say (and make the industry tons of money)
  • People like being able to customize their partners
  • New dating apps?



💻 Can a Machine Replace a Systems Engineer?

Is ChatGPT the ultimate wingman for a systems engineer, or just a glorified autocomplete? We have an insider spill some the tea on the AI chatbot’s surprising strengths (and even weaker spots).


🤠 Buckle Up, Buttercup

Uncle Sam is throwing some serious cash at Texas ($6.4 bil) for a new Samsung chip factory. This new factory is expected to create over 22,000 jobs and make Texas a major player in the global chip game, but more notably, it could help wean the US off its dependence on foreign chipmakers.


👁️ The Future of Tech or Just a Pain in the Neck?

Apple’s shiny new VR headset seems to be giving users more than just virtual reality – reports say some are experiencing real-world black eyes and neck pain. Looks like Apple’s vision of the future might be a bit uncomfortable.




Internet plans have always been messy to decode, but now ISPs are required to display clear and concise labels on their plans, just like those found on food packages. These labels will cut through the confusion by displaying key details like price, internet speed, and data caps in a standardized format. ISPs aren’t too pumped and complained that it would be too much work but the FCC basically said “that sucks, figure it out” (I paraphrased).

This may seem like a minor tweak, but it’s a major win for consumer empowerment in the tech world. This allows you to finally compare plans side-by-side and choose the one that fits needs and budget. With all the cards on the table, competition between ISPs is likely to heat up, which can lead to better deals and improved services for the consumer.


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