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What’s Up With 802.11 AX?

Written by Andrea Lee

August 12, 2020

Episode Summary

Wireless demand has never been this high, and new technologies are needed to increase capacity and performance.

We are having a roundtable discussion on how 802.11 ax – AKA, Wi-Fi 6 – is going to improve connectivity, lower operating costs, and make wireless even faster.

Joining us are technology insiders and experts from Cambium Networks and Wi-Fi NOW.

Episode Hosts & Guests

chris lee

Chris Lee, Host

President, ReelAxis

Chris has spent his career working in the Channel, working with vendors, distributors, and partners to support their marketing goals. His experience ranges from internal marketing strategy at leading technology distributors to creating custom marketing strategies for tech businesses of all sizes.

cameron martel

Cameron Martel, Host

Product Manager & SEO Specialist, ReelAxis

Cameron has a passion for technology and loves to explore how companies can integrate tech into their content and marketing strategies. His specialty is in website strategy, UX, SEO, and content strategy. 

Claus Hetting

Claus Hetting, Guest

CEO & Chairman. Wi-Fi Now

Claus draws on more than 25-years of experience in the mobile communications and wireless industries, and is now a leader and technology evangelist in the promotion of Wi-Fi adoption.

daran hermans

Daran Hermans, Guest

Technology Evangelist

Daran has spent his career in risk-taking "startup cultures", assuming several senior leadership and product management roles at Motorola, Nokia, and others.

jonathan kidwell

Jonathan Kidwell, Guest

Senior Director of Enterprise Sales North America, Cambium Networks

Jon is an experienced Senior Sales Director with a demonstrated history of working in the networking and security industry.

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