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What are you doing to unplug this summer?

Written by Andrea Lee

July 8, 2021

Now that we’re over the halfway mark of 2021, I’m witnessing everyone in our channel bubble is just straight up exhausted. Summer couldn’t come fast enough and I’m loving that everyone is truly taking time off over the next few months to pause, reflect and stop with the busyness.

Here are some lighthearted headlines to help you coast through your summer break.

— Andrea, Contributor

Image via Giphy.

🗓  2021 midyear in review…
From the hottest startups to the coolest products, join CRN as they look at the biggest stories impacting the channel in the first half of 2021.

👓  A solid read…
Ransomware highlights the challenges and subtleties of cybersecurity via The Economist.

🔥  Stay cool…
This summer heatwave has been no joke. Check out these smart home tech gadgets that will help keep you cool.

🍺  Grab a pint
And join the Beer & Broadband crew for a fun discussion surrounding how ISPs and municipalities should be working together.

 You’re in need of some retail therapy…
Everyone’s heading outside. Take a look at the rad gadgets they’re bringing along.

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