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[WATCH NOW] A Roundtable Discussion on a Remote Workforce & the Modern Work Environment

Written by Nick Dinsmoor

April 28, 2020

Episode Summary

ChannelBytes is excited to feature Joshua Skeens, Chief Technology Officer at Cerdant, Inc., in this interactive and engaging roundtable discussion. From establishing a “new normal” to building company culture while working remotely, this roundtable will touch on topics most relevant in today’s business environment.

Episode Hosts & Guests

nick dinsmoor

Nick Dinsmoor, Host

Chief Operating Officer, ReelAxis

Nick brings people, processes, and technology together to implement and measure next-generation marketing strategies and has worked in the channel as both a vendor and MSP.

joshua skeens

Joshua Skeens, Guest

Chief Technology Officer, Cerdant

A senior IT executive and people-focused business leader.

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