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What folks are saying.

"We manage a vital resource for millions of people that live, visit and work in southern California, and ThreatSTOP is very effective at protecting our critical IT systems. ThreatSTOP’s solutions are easy to manage, and they deliver time-saving automation and a proactive approach to securing our network."

Byron Black

IT Manager

South Coast Water District

"We have plenty of other systems in place, but ThreatSTOP prevented an ultrasound machine attack and gave us visibility into a large number of DNS queries that were being blocked. It also enabled us to quickly track down the infected ultrasound making the calls. That sold the product."

Rich Quinlan

Senior Technical Analyst

Geisinger Health

"Our whole help desk team was overwhelmed. The malware problem was over utilizing vital resources. ThreatSTOP has eliminated manual blacklisting & remediation, reducing help desk tickets relating to malware by 90%, to only 1 - 2 per month."

Mike Connors

Security Analyst

University of Baltimore

"When we began using the product on premise, we immediately saw what was hitting our firewall on a daily basis. Definitely a success story for us. Working with ThreatSTOP really made sense for us from a business standpoint. We have a relatively small IT team for an organization of our size. With ThreatSTOP, we can stay ahead of the hackers."

Christopher Ackman

System Analyst

Operation Smile

Whether you're a company looking for an affordable alternative to Cisco Umbrella Enterprise's high cost, or looking for a solution with more features, better support & granular reporting, here's a breakdown of how ThreatSTOP and Cisco line up.

Features ThreatSTOP Cisco Umbrella
Ability to Redirect Traffic Based on Domain or Threat Type
Domain-Based Threat Protection
Block & Allow Decision Made Locally
Custom Allow List Creation Limited
Integrate Custom & Proprietary Threat Feeds
IP-Based Protection (At No Extra Charge)
Built-In Extensive Reporting & Alerts (At No Extra Charge)
Ability to Automate Reporting Emails (At No Extra Charge)

Not Convinced?

Cisco Umbrella Enterprise requires all local DNS queries to be made to Cisco’s external DNS Servers. This is a concern for privacy & for potential service interruption.

ThreatSTOP protects customers using both domain & IP address threat intelligence that is fully customizable. 

ThreatSTOP customers have technical support (for free), granular reporting, threat intelligence integration, IP blocking & multiple options for handling DNS Traffic. Ex: Redirect to custom Walled Garden