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Security is not a product, but a process

Written by Andrea Lee

August 11, 2021

We may be overwhelmed by the headlines around cybersecurity breaches, but funding towards exciting new startups and solutions expected to protect against those attacks is just as staggering. As the wise Bruce Schneier once put, “Security is not a product, but a process”.

This month we’re interested in the “bread and butter” of tech (AKA cybersecurity) that’s living in the limelight this year.

— Andrea, Contributor

Image via @InfosecMemes

🔥  Startups are thriving…
Investors have poured $12.2 billion into cybersecurity companies so far this year, nearly $2 billion more than the total for all of 2020.

📍  Remote work is helping…
A new gen of security startups are growing due to sophisticated attacks targeting vulnerable remote employees.

💵  But not without budget…
IT teams need resources to be effective so how can organizations build an effective business case to get the budgets they need?

💸  A lot of budget
Global spending on information security and risk management tech is forecast to grow 12.4% to reach $150.4 billion in 2021. Wow.

🔮  On the horizon…
The popularity of cyber-physical attacks is growing, so check out five tips for protecting your physical infrastructure.

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