Application Level Field Encryption for Credential and Data Protection

Network focused security is no longer enough. 86% of breaches start with application or identity attacks. Protect your users from application level security risks with DataSafe.

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Security is Everyone's Responsibility

Like coral reefs, teeming with a variety of life, web applications are “colony creatures.” They consist of a multitude of independent components, running in separate environments with different operational requirements and supporting infrastructure. If you are like us, your business is full of applications that keep your business running and growing. The topic of "who's responsible" is a tricky one. Is it the CIO, CISO, CTO or even the CEO. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. It's the responsibility of the business to protect its employees, clients, and shareholders from outside threats. There is a growing trend of attacks moving away from the network and towards the applications. The average organization uses 765 different web apps, are you protected? 

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What Sets F5 DataSafe Apart?

Your organization faces a greater risk today than ever before due to the adoption of new technologies such as cloud, IoT and mobility, along with an increase in cyber attacks. It's no longer a choice to implement a security culture, it's a requirement to safeguard your business. 

Developing this culture and protecting your business means working with a partner that can support you through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation and design. We believe in preparation and prevention as the cornerstone of our methodology. We also believe in delivering only the best technology solutions in the market to solve the most advanced problems. If you are running applications in your business, you need protection at the application layer. There are many Advanced WAF (Web application Firewall Solutions) out there, however, there is only one that provides the sophistication, reliability, and with our managed services, the oversight to protect your business. 

Don't take the risk, schedule a 30 min demo today of the          DataSafe solution and see what options you have to prevent future attacks.

With DataSafe sensitive data from the user is automatically encrypted in the browser and remains encrypted until it’s decrypted by DataSafe and securely passed to the application.

App-level field encryption protects data and credentials as they pass between the user and server
Real-time encryption mitigates the risk of compromised data
Simple deployments, with no need for coding, end-user clients, or agents on the web server
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