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Without application level security, you are leaving your organization vulnerable to devastating cyber attacks. Today, 86% of breaches start with application or identity attacks and with the average organization using 765 different web apps, you have a lot of points of vulnerability. 

Don't let an attack put you out of business. We invite you to try the Advanced WAF free for 30 days. See for yourself why application protection is your strongest defense against data and credential theft.

Keystroke level protection against credential theft and abuse
Comprehensive mitigation of web and mobile bot threats
L7 DoS detection using machine learning and behavioral analytics

Key Features

Protects the apps that you need to run your business
Positioned as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Web Application Firewalls for Q2 of 2018



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What Makes the Advanced WAF Different Than a Next Gen Firewall?

How the Advanced WAF Works

While NGFWs act as safety gates between two servers, the Advanced WAF takes things a step further. The Advanced WAF is able to filter web application content to identify and automatically react to security flaws. So applications stay protected and data remains secure as the system fixes vulnerabilities and stops attacks. All without having to update your applications.

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