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Mist Wi-Fi Enables an Exemplary 1:1 Learning Experience at Wadsworth, Ohio Schools

Families and young professionals come to Wadsworth, a 10-squaremile suburb of Akron, Ohio, for a strong community and excellent schools. Wadsworth City Schools, responsible for educating 4,850 students, reimagined its wireless network so students could better engage and learn. Wadsworth City Schools transformed its network experience with the Mist WLAN Platform from Mist, a Juniper Company.

Technology in the classroom engages at all levels, from preschoolers to high school seniors. When students are engaged, they retain more knowledge and participate actively. Students can learn in their individual ways and at their own pace. And technology fosters collaboration, a lifelong skill. Wadsworth City Schools has been a leader in educational technology, and the district wanted to roll out a complete 1:1 computing program for all of its students for the 2019-2020 academic year. The superintendent, teachers, administrators, parents, and students were excited to forge ahead, but the existing school Wi-Fi was an insurmountable obstacle that held back the full 1:1 plan.

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