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Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance is a distributed software platform that combines advanced threat detection, consolidated security analytics, and one-touch threat mitigation to protect organizations from cyber-attacks and improve the productivity of security teams. The Juniper Networks JATP Appliance detects threats across web, e-mail, and lateral traffic. Additionally, it can ingest logs from security devices to present a consolidated view of all threats in the environment. 


Uploads suspicious files through the Web UI for processing

Inspects traffic across multiple vectors such as Web, e-mail, and lateral spread

Supports Windows 7 and OSX 10.10 operating systems

Analyzes multiple file types, including executables, DLL, Mach-o, Dmg, PDF, Office, Flash, ISO, ELF, RTF, APK, Silverlight, Archive, and JAR

Includes detection techniques such as exploit detection, payload analysis, command and control (C&C) detection, YARA, and SNORT rules

Provides comprehensive and well-documented APIs that allow easy integration with third-party security devices

Integrates with Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet, and Bluecoat solutions to automatically block malicious IP addresses and URLs

Automatically quarantines Office 365 and Gmail e-mails

Integrates with Carbon Black Protect and Response (endpoint solution) to allow upload of binaries executed on endpoints

Integrates with Cloud Access Security Broker vendor SkyHigh to protect assets in the cloud

Manages multiple SmartCore analytics engines via Manager of Central Managers functionality

Supports access and authentication using SAML and RADIUS

Correlates events across kill chain stages to monitor threat progress and risk

Visualizes malware activity and groups malware traits to help incident response teams better understand malware behavior

Prioritizes threats based on risk calculated from threat severity, threat progress, asset value, and other contextual data

Provides timeline host view to obtain complete context about malware events that have occurred on the host


The Juniper Networks JATP Appliance is available as both a physical and virtual appliance. Physical appliances can be deployed in all-in-one mode (SmartCore and Fabric Collector are installed on the same physical appliance) or in distributed mode (SmartCore and Fabric Collector are installed on separate appliances). Virtual appliances can be deployed in distributed mode only.



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