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It’s a new year in the channel

Written by Andrea Lee

January 13, 2022

Looking back at the last two years of growth in the channel, we’ve all learned to work in new ways and to tackle unusual challenges — with minimal clarity and far too much uncertainty. January is always a good time for fresh starts, new perspectives and to finally get around to setting some goals.

With that being said, there’s plenty to be optimistic about in 2022… especially when it comes to the innovative ideas coming out of the tech space.

Cheers to a new year in the channel 🥂

— Andrea, Contributor

Image via NordPass

💰 All about cybersecurity resilience…
“Over 80% of organisations now say the cost of staying ahead of cybercriminals is unsustainable, a fifth more than the previous year.” So what should we do about it now?

🏢 All about security operations centres…
Check out this great deep dive on what an CSOC does, how to build one, different models in operation today, and its capabilities.

🧑‍💻 All about ransomware attacks and gangs in 2022…
“Bad actors want to keep cashing in. So they’re going as far as creating ransomware kits as a service (Ransomware as a Service) to be sold on the dark web and even setting up fake companies to recruit potential employees.” via Security Intelligence

🤓 All about making pen testing easy…
Bookmark this handy web application penetrating testing checklist.

⛓ All about supply chain security…
“Experts explain why the supply chain is now a top target for cybercriminals — and what we should expect to see in 2022.” via ZDNet

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