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How should our understanding of kids and tech advance in 2020?

Written by Nick Dinsmoor

December 29, 2019

Sick of hearing about how you should be cutting screen time for your kids? In 2020, we’d like to think that parents (and children) are a little more tech-savvy in comparison to when we first started the decade.

With these advances also comes a new set of questions. Instead of asking “how long is too much screen time for my toddler?”, experts argue that we should instead be asking things like:

What do we know about developmentally informed benefits or harms to young children?

How should 50 years of research about children’s television habits inform our understanding of how they use digital devices today?

What are the implications of children using technology tools that were designed for adults?

Take a look at one expert’s thoughts on “better” questions we need to be asking as we move into the next decade of tech.



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