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Everything you ever wanted to know about penetration testing

Written by Cameron Martel

May 21, 2020

Episode Summary

Penetrating testing (or pentesting) is a valuable, but often underutilized, part of the networking security toolset. With the support from Juniper Networks, SynerComm and ChannelBytes are hosting a live, roundtable discussion on May 21 at 10 am PST to answer questions about pen testing, dispelling myths and outlining clear use cases in simple, layman’s terms.

Led by Kirk Hanratty, VP & CTO, SynerComm and Brian Judd, VP Information Assurance, SynerComm, participants of this free roundtable will learn:

  • The history of pentesting and what the future of this practice looks like
  • What role pentesting plays in the security mix and what insights pen tests provide
  • Best practices for launching a pen test

Episode Hosts & Guests

chris lee

Chris Lee, Host

President, ReelAxis

Chris has spent his career working in the Channel, working with vendors, distributors, and partners to support their marketing goals. His experience ranges from internal marketing strategy at leading technology distributors to creating custom marketing strategies for tech businesses of all sizes.

cameron martel

Cameron Martel, Host

Product Manager & SEO Specialist, ReelAxis

Cameron has a passion for technology and loves to explore how companies can integrate tech into their content and marketing strategies. His specialty is in website strategy, UX, SEO, and content strategy. 

kirk hanratty

Kirk Nahratty, Guest

CTO & Co-Founder, SynerComm

Information security leader, penetration test expert, and IT business thought leader.

Brian Judd

Brian Judd, Guest

VP of Information Assurance, SynerComm

Information Assurance specialist and penetration test pioneer. 


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