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Cyber Resiliency: Are You Approaching Business & Security the Wrong Way?

Written by Cameron Martel

January 21, 2021

Episode Summary

The work from home era has changed how employees around the world go about their daily work tasks. As many of us continue to swap our offices for our kitchen tables and spare bedrooms, how organizations approach cybersecurity needs to adapt to this new normal.

Discussion Takeaways:

  1. Why businesses are approaching security the wrong way
  2. How to look at data in a different way and seeing that recovery alone isn’t enough
  3. How business drivers have and will keep shifting in the new year and what to look out for
  4. Translating the “why” data resiliency is important to all departments (i.e., legal, technical, and sales) and how to they can work together without killing each other and all achieve their objectives

Episode Hosts & Guests

nick dinsmoor

Nick Dinsmoor, Host

Chief Operating Officer, ReelAxis

Nick brings people, processes, and technology together to implement and measure next-generation marketing strategies and has worked in the channel as both a vendor and MSP.

erin logue smith

Erin Logue Smith, Guest

Cyber and Compliance Practice – DPS Global Technology Office, Dell EMC

A cyber recovery and data protection expert with a particular focus on privacy, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

ned engelke

Ned Engelke, Guest

Chief Technology Officer, EVOTEK

Ned brings over 20 years of leadership experience from the world’s largest and most recognizable tech companies, including NetApp, EMC, and Sun Microsystems.


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